How to install Procreate Brushes

There are multiple ways to install Procreate brushes depending on if you’ve got a PC, Mac, or just your iPad. Here are some great tutorials for different situations:

AirDrop  View the tutorial (via Procreate Forums)
If you’ve got a Mac that can AirDrop this is the easiest and quickest way since you can bulk import them. Select the brushes on your Mac and share them with AirDrop to your iPad. Easy squeezy.

FileBrowser App  View the tutorial (via Procreate Forums)
If you’re mobile or you just have your iPad you can use this app to download the brushes, unzip them, and then open in Procreate.

The Basics  View the tutorial (via Procreate Forums)
This is a great tutorial that covers the basics of installing Procreate brushes. Essentially the process is:

  1. Download the brushes to your computer.
  2. Put the brush files in Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or Google Drive
  3. Open Procreate and open the brushes palette.
  4. Touch the plus in the top right.
  5. Choose Import from…
  6. Touch “Locations” and choose the place you put the brushes
  7. Find the brush and import!