Portland, Oregon

Aaron Draplin, born in Detroit in 1973, is a renowned graphic designer and founder of Draplin Design Co. His work spans various fields including snowboard graphics, magazine art direction, and branding for companies like Nike and Ford, as well as the Obama Administration. He co-founded Field Notes, a popular stationery brand, and authored "Pretty Much Everything," highlighting his design philosophy of simplicity and functionality. Draplin's influence is notable in the design community for his pragmatic and creative approach.

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New York, New York

Morning Breath Inc., established by Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto, is known for blending retro and modern designs. Starting in 1996 and formalizing in 2002, their Brooklyn-based studio has expanded from skateboards to music packaging and advertising, earning a Grammy nomination. Their work, featured in the book "By the Skin of Our Teeth," showcases their unique pop-art influenced style, with clients ranging from Adidas to iconic musicians. Morning Breath Inc. has made significant contributions to both the design and music industries with their innovative and engaging visuals.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Kendrick’s design work is as varied as the cereal aisle at your local grocer. His love for exploring new techniques helps his pieces stay fresh, and keeps Kidd engaged in the ever-evolving design community. Where some designers have used style to define their work, Kendrick unifies his portfolio with his approach. “I’ve always loved a great design execution, but the work I enjoy creating the most has a great concept behind it too”, Kidd says. This thread of thought becomes clearer the deeper you explore the themes and story vignettes in much of his work.

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Asehville, North Carolina

Dan Gretta is a graphic designer and illustrator, located in Asheville, NC. While his aesthetic varies, he is so often influenced by old old books and billheads. Dan specializes in anything from branding to packaging and tries to experiment and learn something new with each project.

On a good day, Dan considers himself to be a mediocre indoor plant horticulturist, a craft beer whisperer, and an occasionally efficient almond blancher. When he’s not doing a subpar job at those, he enjoys playing music, biking, and camping. He will never turn down a barrel-aged beer or sandwich accompanied by a brioche bun.

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